Event information

Dates:- 07th to 10th February, 2020

Venue:- Sabarmati River Front, Near Vallabh Sadan Entry, Ahmedabad.

On the Richter scale for shopping. If there was one, this would notch up a seismic 8.5 or 9 for sheer impact. An international shopping experience combined with great entertainment.

It’s going to be a warm, joyous season for marketers looking for viable enterprise. The Expo India group brings you a business opportunity like no other. Utsav 2019, A mega retail carnival to be held in Mumbai.

The venue will be transformed into a shoppers paradise for the duration of the festival. A veritable super market, along the lines of those seen abroad.

After all, the objective of Utsav 2019 is to give consumers the chance to avail of offers and opportunities, they would not have in the normal course of shopping.

Contact Details

Tel:- +91 9892761786 / 9920790907