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On the Richter scale for shopping, if there was one, this would notch up a seismic 8.5 or 9 for sheer impact. An International shopping experience combined with great entertainment.
It’s going to be warm, joyous season for marketers looking for viable enterprise. The Expo India group brings you a business opportunity like no other. PITF – Pune International Trade Fair to be held in Pune.

The venue will be transformed into a shopper’s paradise for the duration of the festival. A veritable super market, along the lines of those seen abroad.

After all, the objective of PITF – Pune International Trade Fair is to give consumers the chance to avail of offers and opportunities they would not have in the normal course of shopping.

Dates – 16th to 21st April, 2024.

Venue – Agriculture College Grounds, Pune.

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Tel:- +91 9892761786 / +91 9920790907